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Mono The Elderish
Mono The Elderish

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Age : 24

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PostSubject: WF Member Live Text!     WF Member Live Text!  I_icon_minitimeThu May 03, 2012 10:44 pm

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a Titanpad with several of our esteemed WF members! This is the result. O_o (it's going to try and be a regular event too.)


(\ (\a





Mono is amazing. <3


DERP Herpaderp

I love you people

Someone needs to make a dog.
Because I can't figure it out. .> Enterbar won't work

2 + 7 = rainbows because cheese

Where did the mastermind go?

Hm? I'm here.

You kindda died... It's hard to follow you people.


Cheese? What is this with cheese?

Hahahahahaha Blue cheeseEw

Hm. I think I'm going to find a public white board thingy. For drawing and such.

*groan* the only person I know for sure.. Is mono... because his name IS mono...
I think this is becoming tooo crowded

They may take our lives...but they will never take...OUR CHEESE

^ ^
Uhm.... Who are you?

Cheese is the meaning of life
is this Cheese talking... or someone else?

Life is like a box of cheese...sometimes it smells bad
And the rest of the time you can't tell? Because it's made of mold?


Guys, I want cheese now
I get stomach pain from even the smell of cheese O_o
*blocks nose pasage*
Cheese is ..... strange....

It's made of mold. And yet, we still eat it. Ick.
Say that about wine.... Its made of rotting grapes... yet people still drink iht... bleh!

We have to go back...back to the...cheese... I mean, the chat Nah, This is awesome ^^< Iz tht Mono? Yes, yes it is. Very Happy kay

(>^_^)># <(^_^<)
<(^_^)> <(^o^)>

Three cheese for the elven queens, under the wine
Seven for the dwarves in their grapes-so-squishy ??
Nine for mortal men, doomed to dine
One for the cheese lord on his dark brie
In the land of Cheeseboard where the gruyere lies
One cheese to rule them all, one cheese to find them, one cheese to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. And Then I'll eat the cheese.
In the land of Cheeseboard where the gruyere lies

*claps for Cadi* There is no cheese thing that rhymes with throne DD:xD

http://whitefeather.forumotion.com/ <------ that. Is a thing. Like we could have not heard of it yet Razz Im confused... what is that? *covers eyes* My eyes hurt
It's.... a forum. Run by me. XD I'm a pushy son of a gun.

as is evident

....I'm saving this forever Whoever said this... you read my mind

Harry...you're a...cheese ( Cheddar?

This is a cheese house! A CHEESE HOUSE!!!

It's a Cheesepad. A CHEESE PAD.

you guys sound like such cute little kids^_^
Hudz, right? Yup.. You are? A wizard TELL!!!!!

O-o Except, Were proably some of the oldest members XD Growing up is for losers anyway.

Get your hands off me you damned dirty cheese! BAHAHA <----- that's great!


You shall not cut! <---- this too!

Don't explain the joke! But 'carving' a cheese is not really....the normal way of putting it?

Which makes it a delayed ..... gratification joke, because people actually have to use their brain!


Frankly my Dear, I don't give a cheese. xDD
whoa... I was going to type something and it just... Pfft! went
^^ Loverly!

It is a well-known fact that a man in possession of a fortune is in need of a cheese. //except quoted right OHh right its cadi... Razz

Here's looking at you...cheese

May the Gouda be with you.

that sounds like some sort of .....religious figure

I swear, One of these days, I'm going to get all of you on a Voice chat. And then record a podcast. And then Eat cheese.
Nopenopenope not my voice.*glowers* I sound like a monster

XDDDDDDDD people don't like revealing voices, espesh over lines, because it distorts them.

I hate the sound of my voice on recording

You had me at the cheese... yuss
SHeesh, Such a Vehement Refusal XD I shall use the Mod prod on you all ! (I don't like the spelling of this word) lol. Its right"nopenopenope" is not vehement. It's a Sesame Street reference xD Also, I got AUDY on the podcast. she was a willing participate!
O_o I have Never seen that. So there.
>.> Clickyclick <3

You feeling cheesy...punk? Well do ya? <3

The Good, The Bad and The CheesyxD

hahaha - I love the smell of cheese in the morning

That made me laugh too much

well, it'd certainly be better than napalm

One of my mods is showing up now. .......

I'm as mad as cheese! And I'm not going to take it anymore!

Is cakes here?

No idea.

[ i i i i ] (<----- cake) hahaha no seriously.. Is cakes here

No idea XD

Cheese. James Cheese. xDD

I shall call him cheesey and he shall be mine and he shall be my cheesey omgYEs

Dory! You can not speak cheese!

Just keep---dammitbeckew<3

Just keep cheesing --- OMG xDD ilu I could marry you *claps* lets have the engagement Naw. Beckew is the Hiccup to my Toothless. Different kind of love... like sugar to the tea?Or was it Shine to the star?

Cheese bait ooohhaha

Just keep cheesing, just keep cheesing, just keep cheesing cheesing cheesing. lol. I shall calll him Cheesy, and he shall be mine, and he shalll be my Cheesy.

There. It's cheesy again
Hello <----- that's one of the Mods for White Feather.
*be aware of the yellow writing*
Hey sarah!
That indeed Her letters are made of cheese.YES

There is that better nooo we want the cheeseNo, Back it go back to yellows!
YelloW!you're crazyYAY!!! *cheers*

Craziness is of the defining features of YWS chat Wink

Yay! This shall become a monthly event. Totes.

But we might run out of cheese lines! D;

*googles cheese lines*Nah, We'd move on! To like, Turnips! Or something!

WE WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF CHEESE LINESI DON'T BELIEVE IN TURNIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just might have to sleep before that...nopenopenope also more martians https://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=KTc3PsW5ghQ

We will never surrender (the cheese)!

There's no place like cheese *clicks heels*
Luke, You turned off your cheese, Is everything alright?You have a cat named Luke. =___= I do. And he turned off his cheese.

very true, I think I am. Maybe I will come over tommorrow night (scout stuff star. Razz ) when does that start?

I used caps for emphasis. LOL h'okay

You killed my cheese! No, I AM your cheese!

You can't handle the cheese!!

You're only supposed to blow the bloody cheese off!! lolol

Always look on the briiight siiide of cheese (de(cheese)doo, de(cheese)doo de(cheese)doo de(cheese)doo)

If you build it. Cheese will come.

I see cheese people o.0 Just walking around like regular people...They don't know they're cheese!

Nooo, don't go into the cheese!
But the cheese is so pretttyyyy~
Stay, AWAY, From the CHEESE.

I see cheese of green, red Jahrlsberg too...
BAhahahahaaaaaa^ That's wonderful!

Hey YOU! Get your cheese hands off her!!!!!! =_+ *twitch* XD
I... put the cheese... in the TUNA!
^ That's wierd. Please tell me you know the reference? I am missing it.

Yep, No clue XD Gosh you kids are deprived. Or we just don't know lol No, Were deprived. XD
we were prived with different things!

Houston, we have some cheese.
I have a drinks mat of an astronaut on the moon looking at some cow's legs sticking out the surface.
"Hello Houston. It seems teh cow that jumped over the moon didn't quite make it."

I have had astronaut ice cream before. Call, Me, CHEESE. (Moby dick ref.)

Keep your friends close...but your cheese closer. (like, In reach? So you can eat it?)

Mrs Cheese, you're trying to seduce me...aren't you?

Say hello to my little cheese
I. AM. CHEESE. ( lol Beowulf) !

WHY IS THE CHEESE GONE? xDDBecause it is a Vile mold. And turns the most Honorable men into knuckle dragging SAVAGES. PLus, That Cheese log is over a thousand feet high! The Royal cheese is SURE to see it! BUT WHY IS THE CHEESE GONE?
Chessta?You're a Wizard, Cheese!

Hasta la cheesta, baby (I have a fly swat that says that when you hit things)*this all this*(vista not cheeseta) I liked yours better.

I got a cheese flavored Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Bean....

Cheddar...grated not chopped. Real Cheese or Not Real Cheese. And I tell him... Real Cheese.

LOL . I am feeling horrible for that one. O_o I like cheese. Even more-so id it's real XD it's like... the most beautiful quote from Mockingjay lol. Book Quotes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Cheesy, and a Cheesy man you can always trust to be Cheesy. It's the...No, I give up.

I feel the need...the need for CHEESE!!!

I'm king of the cheese
Oh I just can't wait to be cheese!!

As much as this is amusing...I need Cheese xD
Bai! Aww Sad byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

In space, noone can hear your cheese.
Awesome. I loved that movie. I haven't seen Alien :/ /guiltyadmission just Aliens

NOthing but cheese!

That doesn't even make any sense!
Doesn't Have to! It's cheese! It's a mold that we eat! edible mold.
Cheeses don't cry
haha. it's a line from A League of their Own and the above is the title of a movie Wink
Ah ha!
It's been a Cheese Day's Night. And now I'm sleeping like a brie. <--- ha!
lol.. I have Hard Day's Night on DVD. It's amusing

Hm. I 'm going to put this on white feather. As a Monthly event. And it'll be awesomeThat is FUNNNN

I wonder how long it'll let us do this XD how many line will it let us make? ohgod. probably a lot.

Yeah, It's glorious.

So much cheese puns! It's incredible! That's cheesy. It could be Cheddar. We have quite lot of cheese puns!!

What has it got in its pocketses? Cheese?

I'm ggoing to regret this blastphmy, but here it goes. You have my word! And My Leister! And My Chedder! omg iluXD

Hahaha Im leaving this page on for the entire day... then I will save it... and read it at home... Very Happy keep it up Razz

I'm going to Stick it on my Forum car . And then you will be Cheese-less (semi-Famous)

I am already famous............ O.o THat news to me XD You should have already known! Everyone on the FORUM loves me!!!
I am just universally loved by the world. <3The people who don't love me just haven't woken up yet Wink That's how I am! They just all love me.

Gosh Mono. You're a rotten friend lol Very Happy jk Lol I am XD You're just horrible. lol. You never text me back, and you NEVER talk to me. LOL. I was sick the past week XDI'm just kidding. I knowsss XD Silly child. Razz

Except the people who don't love me.
But we're not including them in the statistc,.


Oh, twenty one wheels of Candy on the wall, twenty one wheels of CAAAAAAANNNNDDDYYYYYYOu take one down and pass it around Twenty one bottles of Candy on the Wall!

Bottles ofcandyoO Candy? Why Candy? I LOVE CANDY! Oi, I love it!
But what KINDs of candy. Chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeee I see that XD

Chocolate should not be called candy. 'candy' makes me think of, like... compressed sugar type sweets. /unashamedlyBritish <---- brit. You brit you. It is, Chocolate isn't really candy.

O_o I need to go and Find..... Rain gear. So that you can go out and get sick again?

Yeah, so I can go and not be all wet when my house's
roof gets torn off XD Why is that going to happen?

Stop it You. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Storms coming tonight XD Oh! I will send you a poncho.

You meanie

XD I am SO mean. I'm a nasty Hobbits. but but... I am a hobbit too! HOBBIT. Hobbit Movie Hobbit hobbits hobbitses.<----- Bahaha
I'm 5"3 and my feet are weird!
My Feet are weird to ! XD
So that's why we're friends
We're both hobbits

I thought it was because of a Turnips caused singularity.
No. I have never had a turnip
I thought it was because we shared similar interests and had things in common
and that we mutally enjoyed each other's company

That too.
LOL Very Happy

What was the point of that.

No idea. Lemony 'Lonfe Lemony Snicket? I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong. It's not Razz
What's a lemon flavored snicket? In fact, What's a Snicket?It's an author's name
LEmony Snickettt. I didn't like SoUE tha tmuch...I think I got five pages in and put it down. Movie was ok.
Niether did I. The movie was alright, and the books were decent. I didn't read the books very much becausse I found them boring. YayI'mnotaloen YAY! O-o nope I hated it XD

*noms his Lemon flavored Snicket*
you just ate a popular children's author
Yikes! MONO! That's bad.and I almost called you by your actual name.You mean Tone is not actually called Monotone? MY LIFE. IT IS A LIE. Also I wish I'd been wathcing.
whoops. lol .
Wouldn't be the first time.
I noticed that star XD I changed it quickly enough. lol

Tooooone what's your naaame? Is it Tony? Tell me it's tony xD
It's not tonyIt's Alex Awww Sad
That's part of your name. Sort of
Alexander. lol
Nowhere near that actually.

That's wrong too. Alex is wrong XD LOL. It's your middle of your name.
SO WRONG. It begins with a J
She/he can guess. lol
Or not O_o LOL. It's because I'm your friend that I am subjecting you to this.
Jay. JJ. James. Jamie. *links list of J names*
It's my job.
Uh-huh. XD
You will never guess his name! Yeah, but he just told me Wink HAHAHA. Well then

I don't think she has to. O_o Just say'in.haha, she doesn't
bahaha. I just thought of what I call you.
bahahahahahahahahaha, but that's a secret. Nuuuuu They need to know NOTHINGS
I need to have a silly name for Charlie. The one I use in my head causes confusion in chat
because "Boy" means something there xD

Your scaring me, And everyone else XDD Haha... Charlie? User on YWS & my flatmate. I didn't know that XD xD I forget it's not universal knowledge (I figured that. Actually, Deductive Brains and all )
(Basically he's like Andrew.) Oh, gotcha.
Flat mate... haha, you're of some european-ness

..is flatmate that weird a word? xDI don't think americans have flats. it just means like roomate.... he obviously shares your apartment or dorm or whatever

Roomate is normal in the US. XD And, We do have flats, We just call them apartments I think.
Roomate is like they're in your actual room, though oO (it's a general term) yeah bit it sounds liek that xD Americans don't have butties either.Butties? O_o That sounds VERY strange.

Is like... set of 6 rooms with teenytiny kitchen and a couple bathrooms. That's a big apartment. 6 rooms for 6 people, not that big xD

OH like a Dorm. we would still call that a roomate. though. Yeah, they room with you.Isn't that like a sandwhich or something?
lol. Don't make fun of my lack of english-english terms. I'm too american. Brits don't have trash cans. what?We have wheelybins. or just bins, or dustbins. haha. gotcha. What else don't we have? you refer to pants like underwear. pants = boxers or whatever, tousers = what you call pants Razz is weiiird
and pants as trousers. Oh yeh, we wear pants under our trousers. American's just wear pants without them. XD We wear panties and underwear, and then pants on top of them lol
And we call them erasers and you call them rubbers. Which rubber is slang for condom in the US. lol It is in England too, but only once you're past a certain age. xDThe moment you hit high school you realise the mistake of asking a classmate to borrow one, especially if you have the intention to return it.LOL. We call them Jonnys too, which is hilarious when you hear someone with a scottish accent talking about having a safe journey. bahahaha
*snerk* I knew it was a slang term, but I've never heard it actually used in conversation xD
I would love to visit britian one of these days. I have so many friends there XD Come to ussss XD I shall! hopefully!

It's still in college, so I guess "college accom" which you could turn into "dorm", but "dorm" makes me think "big room with many beds", like private boarding school style. Oh, I see. We call our college rooms dorms. makes sense

I'm also not meaning the same thing when I say "college" eitehr xD yay transatlantic interpretation. Yeah. I know. with added Oxbridge interpretation Wink I have a whole extra jargon to most unis in the country.Yeah, we call our Universities colleges, and Universities, it just depends on the college. While you guys say you're going to University. Right?

We go to university, but if you then go to Oxford or Cambridge, there are colleges which are like sub-universities xD So I'm at a college within a university.

Ah Ha. I get it now ^^.This the whole "Napkin Vs Napkin" thing again XD oO
napkin = small cloth at dinner table

Yeah, I thoght you guys used that word for diapers..... I was told that O_o
you mean nappies
Probably. O-o

napkin was probably the historical term, perhaps *shrugs* Wierd Brits Awesome Brits, weird Americans Wink HEY, you guys changed your accents! We're normal! XD
Apparently it's pretty standard for emigrants to keep more conservative in accent (and beliefes etc) than the mother country, because they cling to the old ways when the old place has moved on.
Yep. Yeah. I have actually a very weird accent.

I used to watch/listen to british people all the time, so then I obtained a bit of a mixture of american and english-english accents.
I say a couple words strangely so Southern UK people say I sound Northern. While the Northerners sit there laughing like "like hell that's Nothern" lol Very Happy Where do you live? Just outside London, and in Oxford during termtimeWhere are you originally from? Born just outside London, with parents from Manchester/Liverpool area. Scouser!REALLY?
I love scousers!
That's my favorite english-english accent :O I'm a total scouser. Are you really?

That's so awesome. Well... technically I live in the suburbs. We have a river separating us.. haha. I want to study abroad over there COME TO USSS. Close enough lol. I will be able to in a few years Very Happy Liverpool is an awesome place to live for the arts. Culture Capital of the year or something at some point wasn't it? Oh yeh, capital of culture 2008- the scousers claim to famexD.I am going to be a Musical Theatre major in college Very Happy I'm a very Artsy woman Very Happy
Not actual Liverpool. Wallasey /forTen who will get that Razz
I wanna go to britian! COME TO USSS YES! I shall embedd with britians! (well, Actaully I just rmembed the $10 a gallon gas. Razz) Ick. yuck lol.
*goes to translate both dollars and gallons into sensible things* Heck. I wanted to come over with a student visa a few years ago and just go to "university" in england. lol
I had to graduate from High School first though lol.
$10 ~ £6, 1 gallon ~4l
So,.. 6/4 = 1 and a bit£/l, yeah, ok, that's about ight O_o It's scary. It's cool, I get my parents to fill up the car for me ;)COME TO USSSSS XDD There's cheaper gas! And we have soccer! And ear traps!

I'm actually tempted to do a trip to the US. next summer. The US wasn't on my list of AWESOME PLACES I MUST GO, but then someone suggested a Brit-YWSer trip to visit American YWSers. Probably would end up being just me and Charlie, but hey. Roooadtrip. YES! DO EET! Travel around to Michigan! And then Visit us! XD
Yes! Do it! Come to Michigan! XD that's where we live. Our State looks like a Mitten.
But monies D: I need to get a job this summer to afford it. Do that too! Am applying now! Got interview numero uno on Weds. And phone call for numero duo on Fri. *nerves* ACk, Goodluck! You'll ace it! and if not, Smack'em with a shoe! A cleat! O-o or a brick. LOL Jk. Bricks too!


In england? Also, 500 lines. GEEZ.

I'm about to get hit by a tornado capable storm. Razz oH! NO! THAT MEANS IT MIGHT HIT ME TOO! Yeah, Your doomed too.:O
nice. gl;hf Wink

ACROOOONYMS *head Explodes*
urbandictionary, man

Install yubnub and it's even easier.

Yubnub..... sounds like your speaking Jawaese. "Yubnub, Utiiny!"
it;s a thing you can put as the search for your address bar, and then you can type "g thing to search" to search Google, or "yt video name" for Youtube or "urban glhf" for urbandictionary etc
Wierd. You and your brit thingies.
This totes isn't a Brit thing. It's a CompSci thing Wink
XD Lol I'm baiting you a bit. I'm so MEAN.
You're a horrible person. That's what it says, right here. A horrible person. We weren't even testing for that.
//if you haven't played Portal 2 this is going right over your head.lolGLaDOS <3

O-o Wha? It is
Mono is a terrible person Wink
, And I haven't.
Oh , Quiet you XDOuiet me? I don't know how to be quiet.XD

I think, That the clouds are black. O_O That's an issue, and we are working on thatYikes. .

Yeah. Fun fun.

Yay! Euph is coming! XD lol. Somehow, I am happy I decided not to come over tonight. XD Yeah, What with the storms and all? I'd be trapped at your house, or the clouds would eat me.

omnomnomLovelyStarkid OH DEAR LORD. Imma cloud, I'm anommin you.

O-o Oh wow. i'm frightened. I am too.
Of meee? D: Yes ALWAYS, FEAR THE BRITS! WE ARE ALLPOWERFULExcept for aussies. AND ALLAWESOMEExcept for aussies again. I like brits. Am I the only female here. Yikeeeeeessss.
heey. Meee. More like Tone's the only guy..
Yeah, That's more accurate. Good.

lol. Attack of the FEMALES. and mono is annoying wI AM!ith his Ninja-ing ANGER! AND ALWAYS RIGHT-NESSAussies I know = Pen, Pig, Karz and Scar<3<3, who are all cool, plus these two guys who travel the world and send me presents. Aussies are cool.They ARE!

Guys. I want a glass of Coke :'( All I have is water. I do too. Razz But it's about to hail. So I 'm not. I don't drink pop. I LOVE Tea though Very Happy Aw man, you're more British than I am. haha, and I loovvveee orange juice Very Happy
I like water. And Coke. And Eristoff Black & lemonade. I like water too Smile

...that's about it. I like switchel. It's like, Lemon Tea stuff.

Also. Is half 12. I got up at 8.30. Why am I still awake? You love us. And Yus. That is the reason XD I see you, correctin' my intentional bad grammars. XD I do ! I am a Grammar Nazi. lol. British People hate Nazi's. Pretty sure we're actually less worked up about them than Americans xD hahahahaha.

They were against them in the war lol I don't think that's the only reason we hate them XD .I correct grammar mistakes myself xD and then make intentional ones of my own, because lolcatz have a bad effect on me.
BWAHAHAHHAaaaaaa. It's been like...67 years since that war.I think you're over it lol . Why do you know that? because it ended in 1945 and this year is 2012. Smart Very Happy World War 2 is a large part of the history education I've had xD Oh that's cool. I love History, it's one of my favorite subjectsHistory up to GCSE level = some stuff about peasants a long time back + World War 2 ad infinitum + the Cold War + other stuffs yeah but less of them + civil rights + hippies I think I did civil rights in RS, actually, rather than history... MLK and the Holocaust were done to death in RS.We had humanities so it was all kind of smushed together.ahh
We alls is smarts! O_o We are !!!!!! those exclamation points scare me. O_o
? Okay?
MLK was a cool dude
Question. Do you guys have to learn all the states and stuff by heart? Internet quizzes tell me this is thirdgrade knowledge. So are the times tables...True. i was just intrigued.

Um no. Not near to that.We had to learn all the states and state capitals in 4th grade Very Happy and Times tables I never got the times tables :p I mean, I'm homeschooled, So I learned it anyway, but I didn't spend that much dedicated time on it. We kinda just naturally learn all the states
lolfairyfluff. I guess that's like how I know where stuff in Europe is, maybeYeah we learn more about the state we actually live in lol Very Happy
.I know TOO much. I could stand to know a bit less LOL Very Happy of whats going on around here Razz

We learn about the Presidents

FDR, Truman, Those are 20th century presidents, we have had more than them lol
Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, someone someone Bush Bush Wink
Clinton lol Yah, but Cold War history starts with FDR, so that's all I've ever needed to care about Yeah. .Washington!

I could care les about all of them. Eisenhower was the last decent one. and even he I hav eserious issues with Razz
He was the one with MAD, right? xD Mutually Assured Destruction.
Oh, Um... Not sure. O_o Nobody really liked any of the presidents lol
The govt is kind of corrupt. lol.
Like I said, rather narrow bit of US history, the stuff I know xD I probably shouldn't say that

lol British history, now xWell, you have a monarchy! D
Semi monachy Isn't it? more of a figure head thingy? Is now, didn't used to be. Used to be total rule by divine right, until....probably the Magna Carta Yep. That's what I remember.Yeah, I wasn't thinking about the magna carta
You know the Horrible History books at all? I have seen some of the videos on youtube! The books were, like, part of my childhood. So much random birtish history knowledge from them. I sang a song about Jane Seymour a few years ago
*singsong* divorced beheaded died, divorced beheaded survived, loved pregnant, died. lol. It was actually about her bing pregnant and dying during preganancy, i sang it with my choir
Wasn't the King Henry the 8th? niiceYes I believe so e

Henry VII is famous for ending the War of the Roses. Henry VIII is famous for having 6 wives and being fat xD And dying from it. potentially also syphillis <----- that too.

lol. OH splvelyeaking of Horrible Histories. I never watche dthe TV show, but there's an epic song about the monarchs of England, like.. remembering their names type thing xD

I have heard it! lolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what I saw on youtube! xDDMight've just heard thunder.... Oooooo Snaaaap. Yikes.
Sarah is scared.
of blowin up.

I SEE SKIES OF GREEN, RED ROSES TOO << this is totes in my head now -.-(Yep. I love this song.
Wait. Trees. TREES of green!

GREEN AND ROTATINGOf course. blame the 80's. .

^ that storm was /great./ Lots of power transformers exploded. Cloud to ground lightening, The whole she-bang.
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